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Chedworth Roman Villa - Thursday 8th November 2018


What we got up to...

On Thursday 8th November Year 3 went on a trip to Chedworth Roman Villa. 

At the Roman Villa the children had the chance to explore the grounds and go on a tour around the remains! They also had a lesson which looked at the artefacts that had been found in the Roman Villa from many, many years ago. 

Lastly, the children had the chance to dress up as Roman slaves and make their own Roman medicine bags. These will help coughs and colds!

We really enjoyed the day and we hope to visit again soon!


What the children thought...

"My favourite bit was going outside because I could look around the ruins."

 "I liked making the Roman medicine bags because it was fun and we got to explore different spices."

 "I liked the mosaic floors it was cool how they laid them down."

"I liked learning the Latin, we learnt how to say welcome - Salvete!"

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