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Year 4

Step into the Past

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

In year 4 we will be travelling back in time to experience life in Viking and Anglo-Saxon times.

Invaders: Friend or Foe?


We will be finding about who the Vikings were and where they come from? 


Viking Spectacle helmet by Gribba

Why was King Alfred Great?

We will be learning about King Alfred the Great, what he achieved and why he is remembered today.

Crown by Anonymous

Vicious Vikings - Viking Raiders


We will be looking at the invasion route the Vikings took, why they travelled and the vicious attack on Lindisfarne.


Viking Longship by GMcGlinn


What did they believe in? Myths and Legends

We will be studying and writing our own Viking myths as well as acting them out.


Thor by feraliminal



What was life like as a Viking?


We will be finding out about Viking life and how it differs to modern life.

Viking Boat by j4p4n


Storytelling through the ages

How were stories told and passed on to different generations.


Scroll by nicubunu



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