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Year 4

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Rainforests around the world

In year 4 we will be exploring the rainforest - where they are, what lives there and why they are important.

Where are the rainforests?


We will be using atlases, maps and GoogleEarth to locate the rainforests, map biomes and compare Cheltenham to other localities.

Globe Clip Art

What is life like in the rainforest?

We will focus on the flora and fauna of the rainforests.


Parrot Clip Art

What is the climate like?


We will be examining weather patterns, comparing our weather to that in a rainforest location and presenting the weather to our classmates.


Sun And Rain Weather Symbols Clip Art


Who lives in the rainforest?

We will be learning about indigenous tribes of the rainforests and their how their lifestyle differs to ours



Amazon Person Clip Art


How can we protect them?


We will be studying the threats faced by the rainforests and what mankind can do to reverse the damage already done.


Recylcle Blue Crystal Earth Globe Clip Art







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