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Year 4

Where in the world?

Rainforest Adventures! 

In year 4 we will be travelling around the world looking at rainforests! We will centre our learning around these key questions.

Where are the rainforests?


We will be locating the rainforests around the world, learning about the Amazon and writing our own adventure story based on the film Up.




What is the climate like?


#We will create our own transportation method and write an explanation text. We will also look at the climates of the rainforest.


What does the rainforest look like?



Based on the jungle book we will write a Haiku poem. We will also study the layers of the rainforest.




What is life like in the rainforest?


#We will write a newspaper report about an event from the jungle book. We will also research India and Mumbai. We will create a piece of tribal art.



How can we protect the rainforest?


#We will read the Kapak tree and write a piece of persuasive writing in order to convince an audience to protect and save the rainforests.



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