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Level 1 School Games Intra Competitions, 2016-17

Year 3 Rounders- Summer 2017

Well done to Hufflepuff, who were the winners of the Year 3 Rounders competition:

Alfie C, Riley, Lexi, Leola, Kane, Lacey, Leonardo, Tyler, Cohen, Skyla, Claudia and Alfie-Jack.


The children demonstrating School Games Values were:

Determination: James and Elliott                           Passion: Archie and Reggie

Teamwork: Fraiser and Sienna                                                Self-belief: Skyla and Matthew

Respect: Amber and Amelia                      Honesty: Tyrone and Lacey

Well done, Year 3!

Year 5 Intra House Rounders

In the Y5 Intra House Rounders tournament, the following School Games Values were demonstrated:

Determination: Seb and Gracie                         Passion: Nathan and Leah

Teamwork: Jack and Jacob                                                      Self-belief: Adam and Libby

Respect: Phoebe and Wayne                  Honesty: Tommy and Zainah

Well done to everyone in Year 5!

Year 6 Summer 2017 Intra House Rounders Competition

In our Year 6 Rounders tournament, held this afternoon, the winning team was Avon.
Avon team consisted of: Charlie S, Madison, Oliwia, Charlotte, Lousie, Jack B, Amelia, Abi, Macauley and Kaylum.
In 2nd place was: Severn and attaining joint 3rd place were; Windrush and Thames.
Children spotted demonstrating the School Games Values were:
Teamwork - Bradley C
Determination - Charley Mae
Self Belief - Louise 
Honesty - Chris
Passion -  Shay
Respect - Jack B

Year 4 Intra Athletics Competition

This afternoon, Year 4 held their Intra House Athletics Competition. All of the teams competed in a fun afternnoon of running, throwing and jumping activities. Avon were the winners with 11 points.  Severn, Thames and Windrush all came second with 10 points.

The children recognised demonstrating the School Games Values were:

Determination - Nicholas (9), Jae (10)

Passion - Poppy (9), McKenzie (10)

Teamwork - Miley (9), Katy (10)

Respect - Dean (9), Noah (10)

Self Belief - Lolita (9), Chloe (10)

Honesty - Alfie B (9), Ruby A (10)

Year 1 Ball Skills Competition

This afternoon, Year 1 held an Intra class ball skills competition. The children were split in groups across the 2 classes and worked to earn points in a variety of games, practising the skills we have been working on this year of rolling, bouncing and teamwork.

It was a really close competition with only 11 points between the 1st place and 4th placed team and only 1 point between 1st and 2nd position. The children worked together fantastically and had a great afternoon.

The children in the winning team were: Jude, Isabella, Chase, Dzhina, Arisha, Jaydon and Mercy.

Certificates and winners of School Games Values Bands will be awarded in our Sport Celebration assembly in 2 weeks.

Children demonstrating School Games Values were:

Passion: Chase and Jaydon                   Determination: Jake and Cody

Teamwork: Felicity and Arisha                                     Self-Belief: Georgina and Dzhina

Respect: Youssef and Aiden                        Honesty: Brooke and Georgia

Well done to you all!

Year 2 Athletics Competition

Last week the two Year 2 classes held an Inter class competition involving a wide variety of inventive racing and throwing events. The children (and teachers!) all had a fantastic afternoon. Mr Boston assures me that for most of the event, Class 6 were in the lead by over 20 points. However they were pipped at the post by Class 5 who were the overall winners by just 3 points. Well done, Year 2!

Children spotted demonstrating School Games Values were:

Passion: Luca and Kayleb                   Determination: Massey and Charlie

Teamwork: Leah-Leigh and Rosie                                      Self-Belief: Triston and Isla

Respect: Cian and Hennessey                       Honesty: Martim and Jacob

Well done to you all!

Year 5 Intra House Gymnastics Competition

Before Easter the two Year 5 classes worked in cross class pairs and trios to create a routine demonstrating all of the elements they had been working on in class this term, both using the apparatus and the floor. After some time spent refining and polishing the routines they were presented to the judges who awarded points according to a scoring criteria.

Each participant gained points for their school house and it looked like the children had lots of fun performing and watching each other. Well done Year 5 and Mrs Castle for taking on organising all 60 Year 5 children in this fantastic Intra House Competition.

The overall points after a close competition were:

Avon: 72

Thames: 72

Severn: 63

Windrush: 59

Well done to joint winners: Avon and Thames!


Congratulations also goes to these children for demonstrating the School Games Values throughout their competition, and who were awarded their Values Bands in assembly last week:

Determination: Alex and Nathan                          Honesty: Nicola and Emily

Respect: Seb and Kayla                                                     Teamwork: Phoenix and Jack

Passion: Maddison and Phoebe                          Self Belief: Adam and Wayne


Year 3 Quad Kids Athletics Tournament

Year 3 competed in the Quad Kids Athletics House Tournament

Year 3 enjoyed participating in their Quad Kids Athletics House Tourament at the end of term.  This involved each child competing in the following events to earn points for their houses:

200m run

75m sprint

Howler throw

Standing long jump

The results were as follows:

1st Avon, 2nd Windrush, 3rd Thames and 4th Severn

A great competitive afternoon with lots of teamwork!

Well done to team Avon:

Reggie, Lexi, Jessica, Keelan, Tyler, Lily, Summer, Cohen, Archie, Sienna, Tegan, Elliot, Maisie, Beatriz

Year 4 House Competitions

Year 4 have competed in two house tournaments this term; rounders and cricket.

The final results were:

Rounders: 1st Severn 2nd Thames 3rd Avon 4th Windrush     Well done to Severn!
Cricket: 1st Severn 2nd Thames 3rd Windrush 4th Avon       Well done again to Severn!
Cricket by inky2010

Class 4 gymnastics competition 2017

Today the Year 1 children in Class 4 participated in a class gymnastics competition, showcasing all of the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in their work with Miss Ballinger this term. I was really impressed to see your hard work  and creativity in compiling and presenting your routines.

The children worked as a group, choosing 2 children to represent their group. The other children then acted as judges, giving scores for: control, links, movements and shapes. Each routine contained a roll, jump, balance and up to 3 more elements selected by the gymnasts themselves.


It was an extremely close and the results of the Class 3 gymnastics competition were:

1st place: Rainbows

3rd place: Class Royal and Crazy Crocs

4th place: Stars

Well done to Rainbows: Felicity, Bella, Ines, Chloe and Youseff.

Whilst practising, competing and judging, I was watching out for children demonstrating the School Games Values of: Self Belief, Teamwork, Determination, Passion, Respect and Honesty. There will be 6 children from Class 4 presented with bands to celebrate these values, after half term.

Well done for demonstrating these School Games Values throughout the competition:

Self- belief- Riley                       Teamwork- Jude                        Determination- Lewis

Passion- Cherish                          Respect- Bella                             Honesty- Ethan:

Year 3 Netball Competition Autumn 2016

Netball silhouette by inky2010


Our two Year 3 classes held a House competition at the end of the PE Unit focus on Netball. This gave the children opportunities to put the skills they had been practising into a games context and work together co-operatively with others from their house.

The 4 teams through to the Semi-finals were: Avon1, Thames 2, Thames 1 and Windrush 2.

The two teams pitted against each other in the finals were: Thames 2 vs Thames1. With the overall winners Thames2.

Well done to all of the children who took part and a special mention to the overall winning team: Chloe, Reggie, Archie, Molly, Sienna and Matthew.

Year 3 House Competitions 2016

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