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PE, School Sport and Activity during 2019-2020

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Move More Open gymnastics competition

Today Rylee participated in the Y5/6 competition for gymnasts that do more than 1 hour of gymnastics outside of school. There were 4 gymnasts competing in her age group. Rylee performed a handspring vault and her floor routine. She was awarded 3rd place bronze medal position on vault and overall. She was also awarded 2nd place silver medal position for her floor routine and a Passion Value band aswell.

A fantastic achievement. Well done, Rylee, you were a credit to yourself and Oakwood School.

Move More Key Steps Gymnastics- Y5/6

Mrs Godsell and Mr Boston took the Y5/6 gymnastics team to the Move More Key Steps Competition on Thursday 13th February and were immensely proud of the girls. They had trained hard together as a team learning routines for the floor and vault, encouraging and helping each other out during practices. On the morning lots of the girls were feeling nervous; about forgetting their routines and the vault which looked much bigger than the one at school. The team dug deep, demonstrating the values of determination, passion and self-belief. They competed in the first part of the morning and spent the rest of the time watching the other schools competing.

The girls were rightly very pleased with themselves returning back to school with a number of medals. Most notably the team was awarded 2nd place silver medal position. What a fantastic achievement. All those positive attitudes and dedication to practising really paid off.

They were also awarded:

2nd place on Vault- Lily-Mae

3rd place on floor- Jess

2nd place on floor- Chloe

Values bands for; Determination- Taiya and Teamwork -Jess.

Move More KS1 Panathlon


Mrs Godsell, Mrs Haddon and Mr Stevens took a team to the KS1 Panathlon today, sponsored by St. James Place Charitable Foundation. . The team competed against 6 other teams in 10 events. Some of these included: kurling, boccia, table cricket, polybat, 10 pin bowling, basket ball, parachute popcorn and target throwing. The children all worked well as a team, encouraging each other and trying their hardest.

Values bands were awarded to: Marshal - determination and Noah -Teamwork.

At the end of a fun filled morning the team were surprised to discover that they had come first in the competitiom, beating all of the other teams. Each member of the team was awarded a gold medal and certificate. The school was also presented with a framed certificate and trophy. Congratulations!

Move More Key Steps Gymnastics

Mr Boston has taken his Y2 and Y3/4 gymnastics teams to attend the Move More Key Steps competitions over the past 2 weeks. All of the gymnasts ave worked so hard to learn and remeember their floor and vault routines. Whilst at the competition the children's behaviour was exemplary with all members showing commendable skills of determination and passion. 

In the Y2 competition, Daisy B and Tommy  achieved Bronze medals on vault and Georgia was awarded 1st place, gold position for her vault. Values bands were awarded to, Daisy B- Passion and Daisy W-Self-belief.


In the Y3/4 competition, Bella was awarded 1st place, gold position for her vault. Values bands were awarded to, Bella J- Passion and Cherish- Self-belief.

Spring 2020

Watch out for the Key Steps gymnastics Competitions this term.

There will also be two more Cross Country Events in February. The points from these events are added to the runners placings in the events during the Autumn term.

We will also be taking a team to the NEW KS1 Panathlon event.

Active Ambassadors

This year we have nominated 4 Active Ambassadors to work alongside the School Council to promote activity across the school. The nominated children will be presented with their badges in assembly.

Autumn 2019

New Age Kurling- Y3/4

Last week, 4 of our pupils from Y3 and Y4 went with Mrs Godsell to the New Age Kurling event at Cleeve School. The children had a fantastic morning participating in many enjoyable games of Kurling against a number of other schools. This was a very new sport for our team and they did well to find themselves in the playoffs for 9th and 10th position.