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Intra school house competitions Autumn 2017

Year 4 and 5 O. A. A Competition

Class 10 and 12 joined together to hold a joint Intra House Competition after receiving coaching in O. A. A this term.  The classes divided up into house teams and had an Orienteering Competition around the school grounds.  Each team comprised of both year 4 and 5 children.

The results were as follows:

1st - Severn

2nd - Avon

3rd - Windrush

4th - Thames

It is great to see the year groups come together to hold a joint competition.  It looks like the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Nominations for school games value bands are as follows:

Respect: Tallulah and Matthew

Teamwork: Miley and Ivayla

Passion: Charlie-Dean and Jesse

Determination: Maia and Dayana

Self-Belief: Keiran and Reggie

Honesty: Coby and Leola

Well done to all who participated in the house competition across the year groups!


Year 4 Handball and Rugby Competition

Class 10 held two intra class tournaments this term.  The first competition was a handball tournament that took place indoors.  The competition was close but the winning team was Avon!

The second competition was a Rugby Competition.  Again the teams worked really hard to compete against each other to win, but the winning team again was Avon!.

The winning team Avon was represented by: Sienna, Matthew, Dayana, Alexia, Ivayla, Reggie

The following children were noticed for their constistently demonstrating the school sports vlaues and will be awarded value bands in the next sports assembly:

Teamwork: Sienna       Determination: Alfie S        Passion: Riley       Honesty: Getty

Respect:  Alexia           Self Belief:  Leonardo

Well done Class 10!


Year 5 Badminton

Following their terms focus on Ball Skills, Class 11 held an intra sports badminton competition to bring together all the skills they had learnt during the term.  The children played in pairs across 3 courts. 

The winning pair of the competition was Charlie and Chelsea!

As a class the children defined the sports values and as a class then voted for the person they felt had displayed these qualities the best during the competition.

The following children were voted for by the class and will receive value bands in the next Sports Assembly:

Respect:  Joshua       Passion:  Chelsea     Determination:   Ryan        Teamwork: Chloe

Honesty: Charlie        Self Belief: Marco

Well done Class 11!


Year 5 Benchball

Following their terms focus on Ball Skills, Year 5 (C12) held a class intra sports Benchball competition.

The competition was close and all the teams competed well.  The results were as follows:

1st - Severn      2nd - Windrush      3rd - Avon     4th- Thames

Well done Class 12.

The children consistently demonstrating School Games Values, and who will be awarded with Value Bands in our next Sports Assembly were:

Passion: Dean                   Determination:  Lilly-May               Teamwork:  Layland           

Self Belief:  Jacob               Respect: Jesse                       


Year 2 gymnastics

Following their terms focus on gymnastics, Year 2 held a class Intra class vault competition.

Both classes scored 54 points. Well done to you all!

The overall best vaults demonstrated were by:   Bella and Lewis

The children consistently demonstrating School Games Values, and who will be awarded with Values Bands in our next Sports Assembly, were:

Passion - Kiki Cameron Class 5
Determination - Cherish Halford Class 6
Team work - Felicity Morris Class 6
Self Belief - Chase Jeffery Class 6
Respect - Aiden Cole-Williams  Class 5
Honesty - Bluebell Danaher  Class 5

Competitions 16-17

We are really beginning to embed the cycle of Level 1 Intra Competitions at Oakwood, across a range of sports.

Click on the Athlete to view the competitions held throughout 2016-2017


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