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We Are Authors


........ is our whole school theme for the Spring Term.

Each year group is focusing on a different aspect of this theme. Open Book Clip Art

Have a look at what your child's class is learning about this term.

Ash & Elm Class (Reception)

Fir, Beech & Pine (Year 1 & 2)

Willow,  Rowan & Cedar (Year 3 & 4)

Hazel & Aspen Class (Year 5)

Chestnut & Sycamore (Year 6)

As the term progresses we will add photos to let you see some of the fabulous work and activities our children have been taking part in.

Don't forget to have a look at the school's Curriculum Page to find out more.

Our learning environment

Creating an ethos and environment in which children can enjoy learning, reflect, improve and grow in confidence, is fundamental to learning and therefore to our schools.

The physical environment, in which the children’s learning takes place, should be one, which supports and enhances their learning.

Our classroom environments and displays support the child, Teaching assistant and Teacher in the learning process.

Have a look at some of our displays.





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