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Story Time By Oakwood Staff

Reading Book

The staff at Oakwood have been busy reading books for you to listen to at home. 


The Twits by Mr Hill

Mr Hill has been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl.  Make sure you listen to the videos in order to hear the story.

Poems by Mrs Robertson

Gill R 1.MP4Gill R 2.MP4

Giraffes Can't Dance by Mrs Storey

Sue 1.MP4

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Mrs Boxhall-James

Lauren BJ.MP4

Smiley Shark by Miss Elliott

RE Smiley Shark.MOV

Gumboots Chocolatey Day

Gumboots Chocolatey Day by Mrs Storey 

SS Gumboot's Chocolatey Day Part 1.MP4SS Gumboot's Chocolatey Day Part 2.MP4

Stick Man by Mrs Oddie

KO The Stick Man.MP4

Three Little Misses

Three Little Misses and The Big Bad Wolf by Miss Chowdhury

NC The Three Little Misses.MP4

Tiddler by Mrs Godsell

TG Tiddler.mp4

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Mrs Castle

LC Tiger Who Came To Tea.MP4

Think Big by Mrs Rust

LR Think Big.MP4

Spaghetti With Yeti By Miss Gaisford

LG Spaghetti With Yeti.MP4

Hoppameleon by Mrs Storey

SS The Hoppameleon.MP4

The Wonky Donkey by Mrs Castle

LC Wonkey Donkey.MP4

Bunny Loves To Read by Miss Elliott

RE Bunny Loves To Read.MOV

Owl Babies by Mrs Edwards

JE Owl Babies.MP4

The Dinkey Donkey by Mrs Castle

LC The Dinkey Donkey.MP4

Peace At Last by Mrs Storey

SS Peace At Last.MP4

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar in Polish from Mr Bray


The Worrysaurus by Mrs Oddie

KO The Worrysaurus.MP4

Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus

Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus by Mrs Storey

SS Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus.MP4

What's Up The Coconut Tree

What's Up The Coconut Tree by Mrs Robertson

GR What's Up The Coconut Tree Part 1.MP4GR What's Up The Coconut Tree Part 2.MP4

Where's My Teddy by Miss Humphreys

KH Where's My Teddy.MOV

Monkey Puzzle by Mrs Storey

SS Monkey Puzzle.MP4

Little Miss Hug by Mrs Joshi

NJ Little Miss Hug.MP4

Willbee The Bumblebee by Mrs Castle

LC Willbee The Bumblebee.MP4

The Short Sighted Giraffe by Mrs Moxey

PM The Short Sighted Giraffe.MP4

Duck In The Truck by Mrs Storey

SS Duck In The Truck.MP4

Whatever Next by Mrs Storey

SS Whatever Next.MP4

The Gruffalo by Miss Hending

CH The Gruffalo.MP4

Here Comes The Crocodile

Here Comes The Crocodile by Mrs Storey

SS Here Comes The Crocodile.MP4

No Matter What by Miss Gaisford

LG No Matter What.MP4

Chameleon's Crazy Colours

Chameleon's Crazy Colours by Mrs Storey

SS Chameleon's Crazy Colours.MP4

The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me by Mrs Moxey

The Fish Who Could Wish

The Fish Who Could Wish by Mrs Robertson

GR The Fish Who Could Wish.MP4

A Squash and A Squeeze

A Squash and A Squeeze by Mrs Castle

The Runaway Train by Mrs Storey

SS The Runaway Train.MP4

There Was An Old Lady Who...

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Mozzie by Mrs Castle

Funny Bones by Mrs Rust

LR Funny Bones.MP4

The Snail and The Whale

SS The Snail And The Whale.MP4
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