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In Reception we are learning about Disney stories through the ages.  Take a look at some of the fun activities we will be carrying out this term:

disney castle

Areas being covered in Reception in the Spring Term

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Making friends and sharing the resources in Elsa's castle with support/independently.
  • Trying new activities and engaging with adults.
  • Working and playing together.
  • Listening and taking turns.
  • Respecting and learning to follow school rules. Link to Toy Story “You’ve Got a Friend” & Frozen (sisterly love).
  • Talking about feelings and families linked to Frozen topic (Elsa and Anna).
  • Finding ways to distract themselves when upset.

Understanding of the World

  • Finding out about my family and the lives of others.
  • Minibeasts: bug hunt, IWB game*homework link*.
  • Putting toys away and respecting property.
  • Looking for signs of Winter/Spring- Seasons walk.
  • Planning a wedding for Anna & Kristoff linked to Royal Wedding/ Frozen Topic.
  • Creating a Winter/Spring discovery & investigation area following visits to Forest School.
  • Finding out about someone at home and sharing knowledge at school *This is Me box* *Toy Day (Show & Tell) *
  • ICT Exploring Beebots & Maths games counting to 20 and beyond. Using the Internet to find out about Disney through the years.
  • Finding out about old toys (Toy Story).
  • Chinese New Year (culture & traditions).
  • The Royal Wedding (Prince Harry) and British Values.

Communication and Language/Literacy

  • Writing cvc and tricky words.
  • Playing the ‘tap tap’ game (segmenting & blending).
  • Reading and writing labels (Frozen Characters, Toy Story toys).
  • Writing shopping lists for Elsa and the toys from Toy Story.
  • Reading and writing invitations to the wedding of Anna and Kristoff.
  • Speaking in full sentences during circle time.
  • Asking Anna and Elsa questions.
  • Reading and writing digraphs and trigraphs and using these when writing words.
  • Continuing with segmenting and blending simple and more complex words.
  • Starting storymaking: ‘Frozen’ to perform in assembly.


  • Counting to 20 in order.
  • Counting up to 3, 6, 10 objects reliably.
  • Recognising numbers to 20.
  • Singing number songs & number rhymes – 10 little snowmen, Disney/ Frozen themed songs, Disney subtraction songs.
  • Beginning to recognise 2D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them.
  • Comparing objects – big/small, more/less, heavy/light (ICT game on the interactive whiteboard).
  • Saying one more/less than a given number.
  • Comparing length- short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest toys and castles.
  • Exploring natural patterns- Winter/Spring walk around the school grounds with Mrs Peacock’s dog, Margo.
  • Creating repeating patterns on shape snowmen for scarves and buttons.
  • Estimating the number of ice cubes needed to build a castle.

Expressive Art & Design

  • Role play – Elsa’s castle, wandering Oaken’s post shop (outside), Frozen& toy masks, dressing up costumes, Kristoff's sledge
  • Singing & dancing (Let it Go, Disney songs WOW DAY).
  • Making music for film scenes (Let it Go).
  • Cutting, sticking and painting (child initiated).
  • Painting family portraits & us as babies.
  • Creating sugar lump castles using tweezers.
  • Designing and making decorations and baked goodies for the picnic (based on children’s interests).
  • Collaging (snow picutres, toys and toys from the past).
  • Dressing up – Frozen and Disney themed costumes *C & L link:  hot seating*
  • Listening to and joining in with songs and rhymes.

Physical Development

  • Stopping and starting on command in class and during PE.
  • Climbing on the PE equipment.
  • Listening for instruction, following rules- in the classroom, during outside play and when using the big bikes.
  • Moving to music: how does it make us feel? Illustrating feelings with our bodies
  • Outside play activities- sand (wet and dry), water play, prop box, house, gardening, creative cube, mud kitchen.
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills: sand, shaving foam, sand paper, peg boards, balancing, tongs & chop sticks to pick up shapes/toys in the sand and water, streamers
  • Acting out our storymaking story: Frozen. 
  • ‘Frozen’ themed dancing (Frozen songs).
  • Yoga sessions each week.
  • Working on spatial awareness, warming up, cooling down and discussing changes in body temperature.



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