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Welcome to Reception's page!

In Class 1 and 2 our topic is "Dinosaurs''.  We are going to be looking at the "Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs" stories and having lots of dino-fun!


 Take a look at some of the activities we will be carrying out this term:

Areas being covered in Reception in the Autumn Term

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Identifying the qualities that make a good friend – linked to our Dinosaur stories
  • Naming different emotions and using our words to talk about how we feel - How do you think Harry feels?
  • Learning ways to manage our own feelings through mindfulness and yoga
  • Showing confidence when asking our friends or adults for help
  • Working and playing together – sharing and turn taking
  • Talking about the story “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” and thinking of ideas to fill a bucket
  • Respecting and following the school rules
  • Adapting our behaviour during different events and social settings

Understanding of the world

  • Talking about my family and special times
  • Looking at different occupations – palaeontologist, archaeologist, doctors, scientists, vets
  • Baking “Dino” savoury snacks and biscuits (home learning link)
  • Learning about different cultures and beliefs, such as Chinese New Year and Easter traditions
  • Looking for signs of spring in Forest School, the local area and completing mini-beast hunts
  • Navigating programs on the school laptops and using technology to take photographs

Communication and language/literacy

  • To recognise digraphs and tri-graphs in words (such as;  ai, ee, igh, oa, ue)
  • Segmenting and blending CVC words
  • Teaching the T-Rex how to spell tricky words we, me, he, she, be, my and are
  • Speaking in full sentences and extending sentences with ‘and’ or ‘because’ when taking part in show and tell
  • Asking who, what, why questions during our Hot Seating sessions
  • Writing speech bubbles for the dinosaurs
  • Independent reading/writing: shopping lists for baking, labels for the construction site, invitations for the dino party, letters to the dinosaurs, instructions to make a house/car/cake for the dinosaurs
  • Story Making – learning by heart “A dinosaur who came to tea”, using actions to reinforce key words and new vocabulary


  • Teaching the dinosaurs how to count to 20
  • Counting up to 3, 6 and then 10 objects reliably whilst feeding the dinosaurs
  • Recognising numbers to 20 on leaves, footprints, number plates (home learning challenge) and dino bones
  • Singing number songs & number rhymes – 5 little dinosaurs
  • Beginning to recognise 2D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them.
  • Comparing objects – big/small, more/less, heavy/light (ICT game).
  • Saying one more/less than a given number – dino snacks
  • Comparing length- short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest, long, longer, longest (measuring dinosaurs)
  • Exploring natural patterns- Spring walk around the school grounds/local area with Harry and his dinosaurs
  • Creating repeating patterns with different coloured dinosaurs, buckets, dino-spikes and numicon shapes

Expressive Art & Design

  • Role play – Vets, dino-dig (outside), dino schol 
  • Singing & dancing on the stage following the children’s musical interests
  • Learning the Dino Dance (cbeebies)
  • Taking dino selfies and dressing up for the class movie collage (home learning link)
  • Making music for film scenes (Jurassic Park)
  • Cutting, sticking and painting (child initiated)
  • Creating homes for the dinosaurs using natural materials
  • Designing and making bunting, decorations and baked goodies for the dino party

Physical Development

  • Stopping and starting on command in class and during PE
  • Dance – wake and shake sessions to explore movement and music, outside stage with cd player, instruments, streamers, dino dance (home learning)
  • Listening for instructions, following rules- in the classroom, during outside play and when using the big bikes.
  • Outside play activities- sand (wet and dry), water play, prop box, house, gardening, creative cube, mud kitchen, bikes and scooters
  • Finger Fun Friday - developing fine and gross motor skills: sand, shaving foam, sand paper, peg boards, balancing, tongs & chop sticks to pick up shapes/dinos in the sand and water



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