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Welcome to Reception's page!

In Class 1 and 2 our topic is "Fabulous Fairy Tales''.  We are going to use traditional tales and nursery rhymes as stimuli for our learning.

 Take a look at some of the fun activities we will be carrying out this term:

Areas being covered in Reception in the Autumn Term

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Learning to share and take turns
  • Following new rules and new routines
  • Questioning skills and talking about home life
  • Learning about the cultures and beliefs of others
  • Studying similarities and differences
  • Working together as a team
  • Talking about feelings (3 little pigs, Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk)
  • Taking part in circle time and philosophy discussions
  • Playing with a friend inside the classroom and in the outdoor area

Understanding of the world

  • Finding out about the world around us and learning about other cultures and special events (Diwali and Christmas)
  • Baking Gingerbread Men
  • Investigating the outdoor area and exploring nature in Forest School and the mud kitchen
  • Directing floor robots and using the Learn Pads
  • Exploring our senses
  • Learning other languages > learning key words in Arabic, Romanian, Polish and Welsh

Communication and language/literacy

  • Reading the story, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and many more traditional tales
  • Listening to adults and following instructions
  • Discussing likes and dislikes with our talk partners
  • Reading and writing single and double sounds during our 'Letters & Sounds' phonics sessions
  • Singing songs and nursery rhymes 
  • Writing own full name and some tricky words
  • Talking to the class about the ‘This is Me’ box and the class toy who visits the children’s houses (tbc)
  • Independent reading/writing: shopping lists for the characters in our stories, labels for the ingredients we need to bake, telephone messages in the home corner, messy play to encourage writing, gingerbread flavour playdough to form letters, writing recipes
  • Using the Internet for finding out about foxes and other animals
  • ICT activities: discussing the pictures they have created and giving instructions for Beebots
STORYMAKING : The Christmas Story (learning the story with actions and creating storymaps)


  • Recognising numbers to 10 and above
  • One more/One less > Using topical figures
  • Weighing & measuring (cooking/role play in the Old Lady's house and the mud kitchen)
  • Positional language (using characters and props from the story)
  • Counting to 10 > counting Gingerbread Men, buttons, wooden spoons, foxes, stepping stones to cross the river.
  • Feeding the animals to help learn ‘one less’
  • Time – discussing what the story characters do at different times of the day
  • Shape & Pattern - Creating repeating patterns on hats, spotting shapes around the school and in the role play area
  • Problem solving – Putting Humpty Dumpty back together, helping the Gingerbread Man cross the river

Expressive Art & Design

  • Singing Jolly Jingles and joining in with the Harvest/Christmas songs
  • Story making
  • Learning songs and dances for our nativity play
  • Craft activities linked to our stories (cars, junk modelling, spoon craft, designing clothes for the Gingerbread Man, making a friend for Humpty Dumpty)
  • Creative Cube, music basket and the 'Magic Table' outside, exploring sounds, water movement and small world play
  • Role play in The Old Lady's house, the theatre, shop and storymaking chair (outside)

Physical Development

  • Dance – movement to music during our nativity rehearsals and joining in with 'Sticky Kids' sessions
  • Hall: Gym > Find different ways to travel in and around, under and over the equipment. How does your body changes during exercise?
  • Finger Fun Friday: Exploring sandpaper sounds, gloop, cotton bud painting, bead threading and rice to strengthen our finger muscles
  • Outside role play – the theatre, shop and mud kitchen. Indoor role play – The Old Lady’s house, topic-themed tuff tray and small world
Outdoor PD > streamers, construction, balance bikes, sand/water tray (with transport, sounds, flags, shells)



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