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A Ticket to Ride

During the 'Summer Term' Reception will be using their imaginations to travel all over the world.  We will start with a minibeast hunt in Forest School and finish with a pirate voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.


We will also be busy looking after our new caterpillar friends and watching them transform into butterflies.


We will read many stories and poems, including; Super Worm, The Train Ride and Sharing a Shell


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              Oakwood School Curriculum                

Summer Term 2023-2024


Areas being covered in Reception

Prime Areas – lifelong skills



Personal, Social, Emotional Development




  • Exploring different emotions and finding ways to express how we feel
  • Noticing how others feel and identifying ways that we can help them
  • Identifying own strengths and what makes us unique
  • Learning about things that can support our health and wellbeing (exercise, toothbrushing, healthy eating and good sleep routines)
  • Taking part in Mental Health Week
  • Following the school ‘Golden Rules’ and explaining why they are important
  • Working together as a team and reflecting on our school values and what they mean
  • Talking about change and preparing for Year 1





Communication & Language




  • Sharing favourite stories, making predictions and talking about characters and events
  • Discussing the features of a non-fiction text
  • Taking part in Show and Tell.  Using longer sentences to explain what and how something has been made
  • Asking who, what and why questions during carpet and group sessions to find out more
  • Talking to the class in full sentences about Weekend News
  • Learning new words to describe the weather and features of Spring and Summer
  • Singing songs and chanting rhymes from around the world
  • Asking; who, what, why and when questions during carpet sessions
  • Joining in with story-making sessions and learning stories off by heart





Physical Development




  • Taking part in daily yoga and relaxation sessions
  • Identifying how our bodies change during exercise
  • Learning how exercise and mindfulness can help wellbeing
  • Taking on the role of a Pirate and finding different ways to travel in and around, under and over the equipment, walking the plank!
  • Taking part in team games and having good team spirit
  • Finger Fun activities.  For example, using sandpaper, gloop, doing cotton bud painting, bead threading and using tweezers with rice
  • Outdoor physical development with streamers, construction, sand/water tray and mud kitchen
  • Learning the skills required to ride a balance bike in preparation for riding a pedal bike
  • Understanding how to keep safe on a bike – wearing a helmet, slowing down and using the brakes

Specific Areas – essential skills and knowledge




  • Revising all letters and sounds learnt so far
  • Reading simple sentences with fluency
  • Reading CVCC and CCVC words confidently
  • Learning new tricky words such as; said and have
  • Independent reading and writing in directed and child-initiated play
  • Reading and writing receipts, passports, leaflets, riddles, wanted posters and treasure hunts
  • Writing sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • Creating story maps and re-writing stories; including Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Using the Internet as a research tool to find out more about our topics











  • Recognising amounts without counting (subitising)
  • Counting to 20 and beyond
  • Recognising numerals and the numerical pattern
  • Finding one more or one less than a given number
  • Adding & subtracting using a range of resources, including money, magic beans and seaside shells
  • Exploring the composition of 10 and learning some number facts by heart (5 + 5 = 10)
  • Halving and doubling quantities, numbers and shapes during role play and adult led tasks
  • Using positional language to follow and give instructions during pirate voyages, treasure hunts and map making
  • Recognising coins and using money in the role play area to pay for things such as fruits, tickets
  • Recognising and describing 2D/3D shapes in pictures and objects
  • Using potatoes and vegetable prints to create repeating patterns





Understanding the World



  • Planting potatoes, beans and seeds
  • Taking care of living things and learning about minibeasts
  • Observing the life cycle of a caterpillar
  • Exploring signs of Spring/Summer in Forest School
  • Identifying different modes of transport and comparing them with long ago
  • Creating journeys and making maps
  • Finding out about other countries
  • Cooking foods from around the world
  • Using the class iPod, cd player and laptops to explore technology
  • Learning about different celebrations and traditions
  • Visiting a place of worship and finding out what happens at a Christening





Expressive Arts & Design


  • Singing traditional songs from around the world
  • Story making ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’
  • Making a range of props for role play, including binoculars, watches, pirate masks, eye patches, hats, belts and ships
  • Creating music on the outdoor stage, exploring different instruments and the sounds that they make
  • Designing leaflets/posters etc. for the role play areas (indoors and outdoors)
  • Taking on the role of different people in the role play areas & singing summer songs
  • Creative art activities on the ‘busy table’ (child-initiated)
  • Learning about the famous artist Van Gogh and making our own version of his painting Sunflowers




Take a look at some ot these useful websites.  

Just click one of the flowers to begin.




Take a look at some of these fun websites.  

Just click a shape to play a game!


Things to Note


 Return library book.  Children bring a reading book home.


Listen to your child read and comment in the yellow reading record.


Forest School – come to school dressed in a tracksuit/leggings and bring wellies and a waterproof coat.


Return pink phonic book.  Remember to check Tapestry to see what we have been learning this week.


P.E - come to school dressed in PE kits

Return reading books.  Children bring home a library book and their pink phonic book to practise sounds and words

Saturday & Sunday

Look out on Class Dojo for a home learning challenge - please upload these to tapestry

Share library book and practise sounds and words in pink phonic books


Numberblocks is a fantastic educational programme and it is suitable for all ages!  

You can find it here:




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