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Welcome to Reception's page!

In Class 1 and 2 our topic is Pirates.  We are going to go on lots of journeys to find treasure and to explore the world.

 Take a look at some of the fun activities we will be carrying out this term:


Summer Skills 2018-2019

Subject area


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Talking about and setting goals
  • Following rules
  • Questioning skills and talking about home life
  • Learning about the cultures and beliefs of others
  • Studying a different country (Australia)
  • Working together as a team

Understanding of the World

  • Finding out about other countries and the seas that surround them
  • Cooking foods from around the world
  • Investigating the outdoor area
  • Exploring in Forest School
  • Using the class iPod, cd player and learn-pads independently
  • Planting flowers and vegetables
  • Learning other languages

Communication Language & Literacy

  • Talking about the features of non-fiction texts
  • Discussing another culture
  • Singing songs and chanting rhymes from around the world
  • Writing own full name (with feathers, in the sand and on pirate hats)
  • Talking to the class about the ‘This is Me’ box and the class Pirate toy that they take home
  • Independent reading/writing (receipts, passports, leaflets, riddles, wanted posters and treasure hunts)
  • Using the Internet for finding out about topics (life in Australia, Aboriginal Art)
  • Joining in with story-making sessions, creating story maps and re-writing a Pirate story
  • Performing songs and stories for the nursery children


  • Recognising numbers to 20 and above (on pirates, ships, parrots and flags)
  • Counting to 20 using everyday situations (the number of pirates on a ship, the number of vegetables in a basket)
  • Finding one more/one less using stories about pirates walking the plank!
  • Adding & subtracting using pirate treasure and toy food
  • Weighing & measuring (cooking/role play in the mud kitchen and Fruit & Vegetable shop)
  • Halving/doubling shapes and numbers (cutting pirate food in half, doubling ice-cream scoops)
  • Solving practical problems (missing numbers, broken pirate ships, telescopes)
  • Using positional language to follow and give instructions during voyages and treasure hunts
  • Using stop watches to time their exercises and introducing clocks during free play (Tree Fu Tom)
  • Exploring money/money problems (class role play area, different currency & coin rubbings)
  • Recognising and describing 2D/3D shapes in pictures and objects
  • Creating repeating patterns with potato/vegetable prints

Expressive Art & Design

  • Singing traditional songs from around the world
  • Story making ‘pirate’ stories to perform to the nursery children
  • Making pirate masks, eye patches, telescopes, hats, watches, belts and ships
  • Exploring international music (Samba drumming sessions)
  • Creative Cube outside, exploring sounds
  • Designing leaflets/posters etc. for the role play areas (indoor seaside and outdoor shop)
  • Taking on the role of different people in the role play areas & singing summer songs
  • Creative art activities on the ‘busy table’ (child-initiated)

Physical Development

  • Dance – from all around the world (Latin dancing, African dancing, Zumba)
  • Being able to find a space and work in teams to make up movements to different music e.g. fast/slow
  • Learning how to be a Pirate (finding different ways to travel in and around, under and over the equipment, walking the plank!)
  • Identifying how our bodies change during exercise
  • Finger Fun Friday using sandpaper sounds, gloop, cotton bud painting, bead threading and tweezers with rice
  • Outdoor physical development with streamers, construction, sand/water tray and mud kitchen



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