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Reopening Information

Pick Up Tomorrow
Hi Everyone it was great to see so many of you again today and in general everything went well.

There were a couple of hiccups which we have hopefully now solved

Free School Meals were horrendously late so we contacted Caterlink. From tomorrow lunches will be prepared here at Oakwood by our own Head Cook so that will be much better

I must apologise for the confusion at Pick Up time it was a mess.

So from tomorrow if you have a child in The Reception or Year 1 Classes could you please pick them up first. Once you have collected them use the exit path initially and then walk on the drive to go to the other gate to pick up your Y6 or KWV group child.

I apologise again for the mix up today and look forward to seeing you tomorrow
Take care
Dave Hill

Please find above letters to parents about the potential reopening of schools on 1st June.

There are two separate documents above:

one for parents of Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 children


one for Key Worker & Vulnerable children.

If your child is in any of the above groups and will be returning to school on Monday 1st June please let the school know as soon as possible or by Tuesday 26th May at the latest.

You can confirm your place by sending a message to class dojo admin or by emailing or calling the school office.

If we do not hear from you by midday on Tuesday 26th May we will presume that your child is not attending and there will not be any provision for them in school during the first week.

Even if you have already spoken to a member of staff regarding this you will still need to contact the school to confirm your child’s place.


Everyone at Oakwood Primary wants to say hello!

Enjoy the video! 🍎🌈🌸⭐🌞🥁

Oakwood Staff Apple Challenge Video April 2020 (2).MP4

School Closure Resources For Parents and Children

Please use our Home Learning For Children page to find a variety of online websites and other Educational Resources available to help support the learning at home.


Mental Health Awareness Week


Each year, a different theme is chosen to focus our attention, and this year’s theme is kindness.

This theme is especially important as we’re all adjusting to social distancing to protect those who we love and those working hard to help the sick and to keep the country going.

Acts of kindness have incredible power to make us feel less alone and connected with our neighbours and community. They’re also acts of courage – as we can feel foolish smiling at a stranger, leaving a thank you note.

We usually hold events at School to mark MHAW, but this year is slightly different; we are encouraging everyone to perform an act of kindness from home, focusing on the different ‘themes’.

  • Monday 18 May: Being kind to yourself – practice self care, read a book, have a lie-in, do some mindfulness
  • Tuesday 19 May: Being kind to someone in your household/family – give them your time, try putting down your phones to talk about how you’re feeling, play a board game, video call family members outside your household.
  • Wednesday 20 May: Being kind to nature – put out some bird seed or plant some bee loving seeds in your garden.
  • Thursday 21 May: Being kind to strangers – smile to people who you pass from a distance and say hello, join in with #clapforcarers, or volunteer your time through the
  • Friday 22 May: Being kind to neighbours – check in on them, ask them if they need help with anything

10 Days of Happiness

Be kind to yourself during these uncertain times and boost your wellbeing.  The Covid-19 pandemic brings big challenges for our mental health whether you're isolating at home or trying to live with new restrictions.  This online porgram can help you cope and find a little more happiness!



  1. This annex sets out some of the adjustments we are making in line with the changed arrangements in the school and following advice from government and local agencies.
  2. Further details can be found at Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Executive
  3. The school is following the attendance guidance issued by government
  4. The school has taken on board guidance from the UK Safer Internet Centre on safe remote learning and guidance for safer working practice from the Safer Recruitment Consortium.

Please see our E-Safety Page for more information on keeping your child safe online.


Embedded Blog

Welcome to Oakwood Primary School

Oakwood Primary School aspires to create a safe environment where children are able to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their learning and development. We will achieve this by creating a learning environment which is stimulating and challenging, inclusive and enjoyable.

Oakwood aims to promote a pride in a sense of belonging to our school and local community.

Internet / Game Safety

At Oakwood, we regularly talk about how to keep ourselves safe online.  We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy using the internet on computers, through apps, online games and on gaming consoles whilst remaining safe and secure.

Please see our E-Safety page for more information and advice, as well as letters that are sent out regarding Internet Safety. Information will also be regularly uploaded to Class Dojo.

Curriculum, Values and Displays

Why not click on to your Child's Class Page and see what they are getting up to this term.

Have a look at the entrances to our classrooms! Click on a picture to see more displays around our school!  


Take a look at our Curriculum Page and see what skills each year is learning.


Events at Oakwood

Click on the links below to see what the children at Oakwood Primary School have been taking part in (including fundraising and dance festivals)

Nosmoke Clip Art


Have a look at others who are part of the Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation:

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We have lots of organisations who work with us at Oakwood.  Have a look at some of them:

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All clipart used on this website is Royalty Free from:


Paper Copies

If you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our school website then please contact the school office.

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