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The Tudors and the Ancient Egyptians

In Year 5 this term we are going all the way back to the times of the Tudors and the Ancient Egyptians.

Up until half term we will be focussing on the Tudors. The questions we are using to guide our learning are:

How did the Tudors get into power?

King Henry VII by FirkinWho was Henry VIII and who did he marry?

Henry VIII and wives by FirkinWhat happened to Anne Boleyn?

King Henry VIII (version 2) by FirkinAfter half term, we will turn our attention to the Ancient Egyptians. We will look at the following questions:

Where is Egypt?

Egypt flag stamp by FirkinWho were the Ancient Egyptians?

Pharaoh by CCXWhat happened to the Ancient Egyptians after death?

Canopic jar by FirkinWhy was the River Nile so important to Ancient Egyptian life?

Riviere - river by enolynn

Please download the skills sheet to find out what we will be learning.


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