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Journey into Space

In Year 5 this term we are going on a journey into Outer Space...

We will be learning about topics from Space travel to the Solar System. The questions we are using to guide our learning are:

Who landed on the moon?

LUNAR MODULE by charner1963

How does a space rocket work?Animation of Kliponius-Cartoon-rocket using JavaScript by aukipa

How can music represent Space?

Sistem solar  by daniel14

After half term, we will continue our journey through Space.

We will look at the following questions:

How did Holst represent different planets?

Solar System Art 2 by GDJ

What planet is this?

Yellow planet 1 by ejmillan

What Space adventure will you choose?

Little Girl Astronaut by GDJ

Please download the skills sheet to find out what we will be learning.


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