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 In Cedar and Hazel Class we become historians!

We will go teleport back through time to the period of Ancient Greece.

We will focus on these questions and statements:


Who were the Ancient Greeks?

We will base our learning on the book: Beasts of Olympus by Lucy Coates and a diary entry.

Greece symbols touristic set flat composition

Who were the mythical creatures from Ancient Greece?

We will read various Greek myths and write a fact file about the mythical creatures featured in these myths. 

Flat set of cards with various ancient mythological creatures

We will zoom across to the period of World War 11. We will read the novel, Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll focusing on characterisation and studying the genre of mystery.

We will focus on these questions and statements:


What was written in the letters from the lighthouse?


Detail of the sun behind the lighthouse at sunset in the town of pasajes san juan

What were the events during World War 2?

View of the moving steam train mocanita from inside it, romaniaWhat happened during the blitz?

A team of soldiers walk in the city after the nuclear war illustration.














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