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Where In The World? - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul & The Getaway

UK Silhouette by Firkin

During Summer Term 1 we are learning all about the United Kingdom

We will be learning about the countries the U.K is split into and then we will be learning about the regions and counties that are in each country. 

Blue World Map by neocreo

During Summer Term 2 we are learning about other countries in the world and we will be learning about Fair Trade and hopefully getting to taste some Fair Trade chocolate!

Stories of the World by eadyThis term we are answering the questions;

How is the U.K separated?

How do people live in the UK?

 How has the U.K changed from past to present?

What other countries are in the world?

What is fairtrade?

What makes up the world?

Please download the skills sheet to find out what we will be learning.


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