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Our Mission


We will make the education and development of all pupils our priority. We are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards of work and in our professional conduct. We will act with honesty and integrity, be reflective and forge professional relationships working in the best interests of our pupils.


Our School Vision

'Our vision is to raise the aspiration and achievement of the children and families across the Cheltenham Community.'


Be Healthy

  • Meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of all children.
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to promote healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Ensure every child is valued and heard

Stay Safe

  • Provide a safe, secure, child friendly learning environment
  • Build positive relationships between families, our community and support services
  • Have high expectations and clear boundaries with a positive outlook on behaviour.

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Create an environment which children, parents and the community are proud of and is stimulating and challenging.
  • Meet every child’s learning needs and ensure they reach their full potential.
  • Provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and creative.
  • Provide an extended curriculum which promotes social and personal development.
  • Work with parents, carers and other agencies to ensure children attend school regularly.

Make a Positive Contribution

  • Foster positive relationships through a variety of learning opportunities with a range of different adults and children
  • Provide opportunities which promote positive, independent decision making.
  • Encourage every child to take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour

Achieve Economic Well Being

  • Help children to recognise opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Help children to understand and prepare for the world of work

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