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See what we were doing during 2022-23

Summer '23

Sports Days

Yesterday we dodged the rain clouds and held our EYFS/ KS1 Sports Day. A brilliant morning was had by all. I saw determination in bucketloads and lots of respect for other competitors and staff. Well done! The winning house has yet to be named...... Watch this space!!

Struggling to find a day after the wash out on Friday, we finally held KS2 Sports Day on Tuesday. The children worked hard for their teams demonstrating passion and determination in all of their activities.

The overall winning team- with most tokens from both Sports Days- was Athens. Well done to you all!

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Move More Multi skills

Last week on Thursday, the 2 Reception classes attended the Move More Multi Skills event at Cheltenham College. They all had a brilliant time trying out lots of different activities.

Last week on a Friday, despite the school only being open to key worker, vulnerable and EHCP children, the Y1/2 group that were in school, attended the Multiskills event with Miss Carr and had a fantastic time. 

Move More Athletics

Come and support our KS2 Athletics Teams at The Prince of Wales Stadium on Friday 16th June- 5-7:pm.

Last night, like every year, was a brilliant evening. The entire team competed with determination, passion and respect throughout the evening. They supported and celebrated each others performances' and that of the other competitors. Almost every team and individual competed a second time in the finals and many gained a medal position. We are immensely proud of each and every one of you..... every single person that competed gained us points that added together so that not only were Oakwood awarded the shield for overall girls winners we were also awarded the overall winners shield. 


Active lunchtimes

Starting on Monday 19th June we will bring back opportunities to KS2 to use scooters in MUGA at lunchtimes. We will start with a Year group rota and depending on how popular it is may double up sessions. Just bring your scooter (not electric!) and a helmet- pads highly recommended on your day.

Monday- Scooters for Year 6

Tuesday- Skating with James

Wednesday- Scooters for Year 5

Thursday- Scooters for Year 4

Friday- Scooters for Year 3

Move More SEND Panathlon

In June, we have been invited to attend this event at Oxstalls Sports Complex. The team consisted of children from Year 4-Year 6. They competed against other teams in: kurling, boccia, table cricket, throwing, basketball, poly bat and the infamous parachute popcorn game. The team worked really hard to support each other, demonstrating: passion and determination. They were awarded 3rd place. Well done to you all!

Pan 23

Cricket Coaching by Ollie from Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation

Whilst Ollie is in school delivering our All Stars Cricket after school we were also offered Cricket CPD Coaching sessions for classes throughout the day. Classes from Reception through to Y6 are benefitting from this tremendous opportunity and are really enjoyig their sessions. Bellow, Year 4 were practising their bowling.


All Stars Cricket Club

Our All Stars Cricket Club, starts Wednesday 7th June. It is great to see how many children enjoyed this last year and have signed up again. We can't wait to get started and improving our Cricket skills again.

We have been really pleased to welcome Ollie Forbes back to Oakwood coaching our All Stars.


Move More Tri Golf

After half Term a team from Y3/4 will be celebrating and utilising the Tri-Golf Skills they have learnt in lessons at this tournament. The team had a great morning- as did Miss Carr- and they all showed the school games values of passion, determination and respect. Well done- we are very proud of you.

Move More Quad Kids

A team of 8 year 3 and 4 pupils will attend this event at Tewkesbury School. The children had a great afternoon taking part in a range of runningm throwing and jumping events. The all demonstrated excellent teamwork and respect. Well done!

Team Rubicon- 23rd-25th May

In the final week of term we are looking forward to welcoming Team Rubicon into school. Look out for your child's session with them. We have tried this year to include some exciting active experiences that will motivate and enthuse your children to continue after the experience is over.

Over 95% of children have said that they would love to do it again. 60% of children have said that they have been practising more on their scooters and skateboards, at home, since their session. Watch this space- we are hoping to re-introdue a weekly scootering session.


Team R_23

Move More Archery Tournament


On Monday a team of 8 Y5s will attend this tournament.

The team had a brilliant afternoon. They learned about the equipment and how to shoot the arrows during the first part. They then completed a number of games and challenges, scoring points. Mrs Hunt and Mrs Gibbins were so proud of their teamwork, respect and determination. Well done, the team were awarded third place medals. Congratulations,


Y5/6 Move More Key Steps Gymnastics


Next Thursday our Y5 team will compete in Move More gymnastics competition. They are all currently working hard to learn and polish their routines.

An outstanding effort from the entire team yesterday. We are so proud of you all girls. They represented themselves and the school with determination, passion, respect and were so supportive and encouraging of one another.

Holly said, 'I had fun. Everyone tried their best.'

Georgia - ' Lacey was so powerful on the vault. I think that she will win a medal'

Nell said that Daisy's floor routine was amazing. It was neat and flowed. I think she will come first on floor.


The team overall were awarded 2nd place out of the 6 teams that competed. Very well deserved.

A special mention to: Lacey-3rd on vault, Nell- 2nd on vault and Daisy- 2nd on floor.


Y1/2 Move More Key Steps Gymnastics

Another outstounding performance today, this time from our Year 2 gymnastics team who performed in the Key Steps competition this morning. The entire team showed incredible self-belief, confidence, concentration and control whilst perfoming.

They were awarded 2nd place, silver medal in the team event. Well done!

Freddie achieved 2nd place on vault and Hanna 2nd place on floor. A massive congratulations to the team.

Y3/4 Move More Y3/4 Key Steps Gymnastics

We could not be more proud of Mr Boston and Miss Haines' Y3/4 gymnastics team this morning. We were so impressed with their determination, concentration, self belief and good sportsmanship!

We are very pleased to say that the team came first in the overall competition, with a massive congratulations to Rebeca, who came first overall for her floor routine. 

We are super proud of them all!



The ream had a fantastic morning. These were some of their thoughts:

Lacie- I was really proud to get my feet up onto the vault. I didn't think that I could.

Evie- I enjoyed doing my floor routine most, I was happy I did my forwatd roll.

Mia- I liked the vault best.

George- I was surprised when we got a medal.

Rebeca- I really enjoyed performing my floor routine.


Y5/6 Move More Sportshall Athletics

A team of 18 athletes attended the Sporthall Athletics at Cheltenham College. The team competed in a range of running, throwing and jumping events and were excellent ambassadors for Oakwood School, demonstrating the School Games Values of Passion, Teamwork and Respect. A massive well done to you all. 

CPD delivered by Move More Coach Alex Dowson

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 21-52-49 ClassDojo for Teachers

This term, Move More coach Alex Dowson is delivering a series of handball lessons to Sycamore and Chestnut classes. Alex is really passionate about handball as a sport and the children are loving getting involved in something new and improving their skills whilst their teachers are learning aswell.

Spring '23

PE days

We have introduced a Class PE day this term- watch out for your child's PE day. This day will be a fun packed day where children will have opportunities to:

  • Apply learnt skills in a performance/ tournament.
  • Apply similar skills in a new or different sport/activity.
  • Apply tactics and rules.
  • Play honestly.
  • Work collaboratively.

Move More Tag Rugby Tournament, March 23


Huge congratulations to those Y5 and Y6 pupils who competed in the Move More Tag Rugby Tournament today. There were 40 teams there from different schools. We played in 7 matches throughout the day and really improved our communication and teamwork in each game we played.

Oakwood were awarded bronze medals in recognition of their fairplay and respect throughout the day. Well done to you all, you were true ambassadors of the School Games values.

Callum was also recognised for his determination and respect and AJ for self-belief. 


'It was really fun actually.' - Teller.

' All of the teams were really positive and supportive. We tried our best.' Holly 

'I enjoyed scoring tries.'- David

'We improved a lot and started to really play as a team.' - Lacey

I also received a lovely message from a Mum letting me know that her child came home saying that they had the best time and that the team really worked together well.

BMX Academy with Mike Mullen, March 23

Wow! Oakwood has been bustling with determination and encouragemet this week. Mike Mullen and his growth mindset on wheels have been at Oakwood for 2 days. Mike's passion is not just to teach BMX but to help people to improve their mindset, confidence and wellbeing. To build belief, find courage, boost resilience and unlock hidden potential. Tuesday morning started with a whole school assembly, where Mike talked about the  achievements he has made in his life and the power of 'yet!'

He also wowed us with some tricks and jumped over Mrs Haddon and Mrs Hill.